We are a fast growing and amazingly creative community that is into everything related to the art of aesthetic sexy women photography.

Inspire us!

  • Are you an aficionado, pro or just starting out?
  • Are you interested in inspiring others with your photography?
  • Do you want to present and share some of your best sexy women photography?
  • Do you want to boost your authority and fan circles?

We’d love to feature your flattering portraiture, bikini, lingerie, implied nude, boudoir or (art)-nude photography work here on SWP! Check out some showcases here.

Requirements & Specs

  1. Portraits, Boudoir, Art Nudes, Glamour Nudes & Commercial Nudes.
  2. Photos should display your watermark
  3. 10-25 images (mixed or from same series – up to you)
  4. 2 photos must be non-nude, landscape format (for social sharing possibility)
  5. Size: min. length 2000px, max. length 3000px
  6. Your (nick)name
  7. Town/country you live in (to reflect my worldwide audience)
  8. Status of photography: “starter”, “amateur”, “experienced amateur”, “pro”
  9. Camera & lense(s) you use
  10. Lighting gear (if any)
  11. Website (if any)
  12. Social site (if any)

Legal Stuff: Copyright & USC 2257

  • The copyright of your work always remains with you.
  • You are fully responsible to ensure that your models were 18+ years of age during the time the production of your material took place.
  • You are fully and solely responsible for the proper USC 2257 document filing of your presented work.

Submit Your Photos & Info Here

Dan Hostettler (Founder & EIC of SWP) will happily take a look at your submissions! Thank you!

Questions? Notes.

Even though we’d love to use everyone’s submissions, we cannot guarantee to do so due to the vast number of people who read this site, but also because we strive to maintain quality high. If you’re unsure on whether your photography works will be suitable for the site and want to check back, please feel free to contact us.

Send us a sample via contact form. For submitting more than one photo please use the email address indicated above.
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