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Starters + Hobbyists

If you are starting out and/or wanting to shoot low budget while yet achieving superb results, our step-by-step advice will save you from expensive struggles!

Emerging + Pros

If you are a versed or emerging photographer looking for specialized real-world advice, insights and mastery, our comprehensive library will support you!

Creativity Seekers

If you are having a hard time creating any meaningful photography of women, our creative concepts will boost your inspiration!


If you want to connect with like-minded shooters and talk to industry professionals, our discussions and showcase category will hook you up!

Member Testimonials

“I think your content and tips are excellent. A very good mix of technical and artistic advice.”
– Michael Q., USA
“This tutorial is absolutely superb! An excellent opportunity to see how a professional photographer works in a real production.”
– Jose, Portugal
“I definitely must say, your publications are top notch to say the least!”
– Mike T.
Thank you Dan and crew….You do a great job again, thank you for this perfect webinar.


Hey Dan, ich konnte gestern nur sporadisch zusehen aber was ich gesehen habe war wieder mal sehr interessant und hilfreich. Ich freue mich schon auf die Aufzeichnung und die weiteren Webinare. Danke für die Arbeit die Du mit deinem Team, den Models und den Visas in eure Projekte steckt.
– Mike, GER
Fantastic Webinar Dan and the Team were superb, roll on August. PS: Fantastic use of such a small space with multiple sets.
– Gary, AUS
Well done Dan!
– Terry
“Thank you all. Great presentation. Gained many ideas for shoots.”
– Ted, USA
“Superb Shoot Got some great ideas buzzing around in my head, great work all the team.”
– Gary, AUS
“I learned loads, thanks”
– Craig Tata, USA
“Hi Dan, I have been watching your six-part “Shoot on the Run: Outdoor Nudes” videos, which are tremendously helpful, informative and fun — thank you for producing them! The whole program has been excellent. So again, thank you both, and happy shooting!
– Bill
“Really beautiful! So refreshing to see like a fly-on-the-wall a rehearsal without the awareness to the camera running. This is worth so much more than many of the ‘polished’ training videos out there.”
– Alan
“Hi Dan, Boudoir Webinar is a complete success, as one would expect. Great job by you, your crew, and of course Nikola. Most informative. I really enjoyed it.
– Michael Thomas, USA
“Thank you all for such a fantastic program! Looking forward to the next set of events.”
– Andrew Orzo, USA