eWorkbook + PREMIUM BONUS PACKAGE: 12 RAW Files / 14 Image Look Recipes / 11 3D Lighting Sets / 5 Projector Patterns

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Feed Your Creativity - Creative Nude Photography On A Budget

What For? On Budget. Stunning Results!

Dan’s “Simplify Anything!” Way
Get rock-solid info on how to save cash and lower gear needs. Raise your efficiency and increase outstanding shooting results.

Feed Your Creativity!
Learn everything about simple but powerful concept creation: Find ideas, effective strategies, food for thoughts and Dan’s very own “Keyword Strategy Toolbox”.

Produce Low Cost But Impactful!
Budget shoots do not mean you have to relinquish your creativity. Learn how to use limitations, specific narrative concepts and suitable lighting designs to your advantage to achieve various, magnificent imagery the simple and inexpensive way.

Avoid Model Costs!
Avoid or lower modeling costs by knowing the photography styles (yes, nudes) that help you to settle for TFP contracts.

Speed Lights Only, Gear & Lighting Designs - Creative Nude Photography On A Budget

Speedlights Only: Gear & Lighting Designs

All showcases are based on shots with speedlights (+ light modifiers) and come with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. The chosen lighting gear is for everyday use and extremely versatile.

The lighting chapters for each showcase provide you with premium 3D illustrations and detailed lighting plans.

Dan’s guarantee: “Rest assured that you can execute all the showcased concepts with any of the speedlights you might have in your arsenal!”

Save Model Fees, TFP Deals & Private Sexy Shoots - Creative Nude Photography On A Budget

Save Model Fees: TFP Deals & Private Sexy Shoots

Dan introduces photo styles that allow you to work with your partner, wife, friends, newcomers, and of course, models. Proven strategies will help you to lower, or avoid, any modeling costs for specific concepts.

In each showcase, Dan breaks down the necessary posing needs. You will not only get his take but also recommendations on how to tweak, enhance, mix and incorporate ideas into your concepts, needs and economics.

Easy to Follow and Beautifully Presented:
12 All-Inclusive Showcases + Extensive Knowledge Part

This workbook is generously and attractively designed in landscape format, great for any screen!

Easy to Follow and Beautifully Presented - Creative Nude Photography On A Budget

Substantially UNIQUE: Dan’s Personality, Methodology + Implementation

Dan’s developed methodology, approach and encompassing implementation is truly new, highly personal, unique and never seen before in Sexy Women Photography.

Peppered with Dan’s immense professional experience, personal wisdom, endless side notes and complementary references this oeuvre is a joy to follow through.

Useful Indicators

A “Difficulty Indicator”, “Money Making Advisor”, “Hints Suitable for Private Shoots” and other valuable signals based on Dan’s explorations help you to locate and navigate through the concepts. Amazingly useful hints await you for the creation of a portfolio from scratch or to thoughtfully enhance your existing one.

Useful Indicators - Creative Nude Photography On A Budget

Earn Money, Win Competitions - Creative Nude Photography On A Budget

Reaching Out For Pro Level? Get Displayed, Earn Money!

Get Published & Displayed!
You will explore creative concepts with artistic and experimental twists to produce your truly own, not replicable photographic work; shots worth to be displayed and entered into competitions.

Earning Money; Not Only Spending!
Get to know the photography styles, concept variations and ideas you can apply to your service portfolio to actually earn money.

Topics, Dan’s Methods, Trainings - Creative Nude Photography On A Budget

Topics, Dan’s Methods, Trainings

  • Creative Styles for: Classic Art/Figurative Nudes, Experimental Nudes, Artistic Nudes, Glam Nudes, Portraits Nudes
  • Building the Shoot: Every Showcase is broken down into Idea Development, Concept Creation, Lighting Design, 3D Lighting Setup, Posing Aspects, Specific Specialties, and Post-Processing
  • Model Fees: Concepts for Shoots with Friends/Partner/Wife, Newcomers and Semi-Pro/Models (incl. TFP)
  • Posing: From Depicting to Effective, Simple Ideas, Inspiration & Trades
  • 1-Light, 2-Light, 3-Light Setups, incl. 2D Set Plans
  • Premium 3D Lighting Illustrations
  • Simplified Tech: Speedlight Only (incl. Reflectors, Modifiers etc.)
  • Full Equipment Lists for Beginners & Pros
  • Lighting: Quality, Direction, Characteristics Choice, Shadow Quality & Manipulation, and more
  • Lighting: How to Sculpt Shadows, Shadow Cast, Shadow Shapes & Shadow Patterns
  • For Any Indoor Location
  • How to Shoot In Minimal Space/Your Home but Still Get Astonishing Results
  • Minimal Post-Production Work Strategies
  • For All – From Starters to Pros, incl. “Complexity Level Indicator” + “Money Making Advisor”
  • 12 All-Inclusive Creative Showcases with Art Nude Models Hanna, CAN & Nikola, CZE
  • High Quality Nude Pictorials both in Theory Part and Showcases
  • SPECIAL: Economics! The ‘Shooting Turnover’ Formula
  • SPECIAL: How to Work with V-Flats/Where to Buy
  • SPECIAL: How to Shoot With a Ultra-Cheap Video Projector

What You Will Get - Immediate Download - Creative Nude Photography On A Budget

What You Will Get

  • 350 Pages strong eWorkbook (PDF)
  • Practical Knowledge Part: Dan’s Insights & Recommendations
  • Showcase Part: 12 All-Inclusive Creative Blueprints
  • Over 300 Tasteful Artistic Nude Images
  • Over 650 Behind The Scenes & Illustrative Images
  • Over 100 Premium 3D Illustrations
  • 12 Light Pattern Analyses & 2D Set Plans
  • 2 Art Nude Models: Hanna (CAN) & Nikola (CZE)
  • BONUS 1: 12 Digital Negatives
  • BONUS 2: 11 3D Lighting Sets for immediate use with set.a.light.3D
  • BONUS 3: 14 Image Look Recipes for immediate use with free Google Nik Collection Photo Software
  • BONUS 4: 5 Projector Patterns used for this book
  • Modern Layout in Landscape Format: Beautiful & Modern Presentation
  • Instant PDF Download for immediate use on your PC, macOS, iOS & Droids

Premium Bonus Package - Creative Nude Photography On A Budget


The icing on the cake:

12 x RAW Files (Originals by Dan Hostettler!)
Get one digital negative per series (DNG files). Work with these files, apply the original Image Look Recipies, compose your own versions. Be creative!

14 x Image Look Recipes
All Image Look Recipies Dan used for this workbook. These Presets were specifically created for the production of impactful imagery. For immediate use with FREE Google Nik Collection Plugin Suite.

11 x 3D Lighting Sets
Explore the lighting sets in 3D! Original setups from the shoots of this series ready for immediate exploration with the FREE viewer of set.a.light.3D.

5 x Projector Patterns
JPGs of the video projector patterns used in the series Abstractism. Get creative!

Dan Hostettler Photographer, Model Hanna, Model Nikola - Creative Nude Photography On A Budget

About the Author: Dan Hostettler

Being a successful Sexy Women Photographer for more than 15 years shooting glam, tease and commercial nudes, Dan got internationally published and featured on/in GQ Online, The India Times, FashionONE TV, FOTOdigital, FotoTV Germany, ModelMayhem EDU, amongst many others.

About three years ago, Dan rediscovered his strong love for artistic B&W photography – a love that accompanied him since his formal photography education days over 25 years ago.
Dan felt the urge to rediscover the more artistic aspect in his nude photography and accepted the challenge of starting a new photographic adventure: He embarked upon the exploration of “Creative Nudes”.

Creative Nudes On A Budget can be seen as Dan’s very personal, extremely comprehensive “interim report” about the state of affairs of his endeavor to produce such concepts the simplified, on budget but yet impactful way.

This First Raves Makes Me WOW! Thank you!

“Your guide delivers far more than expected….thank you very much. For beginners such as myself, this is a truly valuable resource and the way that there are links within the text referring directly to valuable YouTube clips is most appreciated. There really is so much information available that it is hard for us beginners to know what is worth spending time viewing. Again many thanks and I look forward to working through this.”

– Michael, New Zealand
“It’s been a while but here it is another Dan Hostettler production, I love it!!”

– Jose Sanchez, Spain
“Thanks for this MASSIVE e-book and for the introductory offer!”

– Frank, Germany
“Hi Dan,
Just bought your creative-nudes-on-a-budget ebook. Packed with loads of useful info and guidance notes. The studio layout diagrams are exceptional with guidance notes. Wow!!! I’d highly recommend it to other photographers. A very insightful 350 pages with extra’s.
Another great ebook, Dan. 100% recommend this ebook.”

– Eugene, USA –
“In Creative Nudes on a Budget, Dan Hostettler guides you through the planning, shooting, and post production for various artistic and glamour nude sets. Beginners will benefit from Dan’s thorough, step by step explanations for each phase of production, while more experienced photographers will benefit from observing Dan’s workflow and derive inspiration from the various styles and shoot ideas Dan presents. And everyone benefits from the insights Dan shares regarding management of production costs and space constraints. Creative Nudes on a Budget is yet another high value educational product from Dan Hostettler.”

– Joe, Jlrimages, USA
“Wow! Dan’s terrific new eBook, Creative Nudes on a Budget, isn’t simply a how-to guide for shooting nudes on a budget. Within its 358 pages lies a comprehensive ‘Book of Knowledge’ for shooting nudes and glam in general; on tight budgets and otherwise. I’ve been shooting nudes and glam professionally for 20+ years and rarely, if ever, have I done so when tight budgets weren’t big considerations. None of my clients have had a ‘money is no object’ attitude. Not once. Not ever. (And neither have I.) I shoot for flat fees. Often enough, that fee includes expenditures beyond my shooting rates. (e.g., locations, MUAs, and more.) Whenever I can save money on those things without sacrificing the quality of my work or low-balling other creatives I hire for my sets, I’ll do so. Doing so also means I can be more competitive with other photographers who are bidding for the same work. (I compete with many other shooters here, in Los Angeles, who also shoot this stuff for a living.) If you’re looking to shoot nudes and glam, whether you’re fairly new to photography or you’re an experienced photographer looking to add these genres (or similar, like ‘Boudoir’) to your photographic repertoire, I highly recommend Dan’s new book without hesitation or reservation.”

– JimmyD, PrettyGirlShooter, USA

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eWorkbook + PREMIUM BONUS PACKAGE: 12 RAW Files / 14 Image Look Recipes / 11 3D Lighting Sets / 5 Projector Patterns
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