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eBook (2 Parts, PDFs) + 6 Videos + 4 Inspirational Photo Essays | 300 pages in total + 70 Min. Video
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Class & Impact - Fascination Black & White Sexy Women Photography

Fascination Black & White Photography: Impact & Class

In today’s crowded, fanciful colored, digitized (social) media world, B&W imagery creates impact more than ever and has not lost its purpose at all. On the contrary! This style lets your work and vision stand out.

Certainly the way we capture and process these photos has changed over time. But the emotion, love and allure of your B&W artwork will keep inspiring, and always be its heart.

In this workbook, Dan introduces his revived style of sexy B&W photography. Technically adapted for the digital era but yet based on the classic, visual, strong and lasting values that have been evolved over the past 170 years.

B&W Photography - Discover the Power of Diversification - Sexy Women

Get Creative! Discover the Power of Diversification.

Do you want to…

  • Stand out?
    Tip: B&W is a branding argument. It’s a bold choice in diversifying and expanding your portfolio and commercial services.
  • Gain purity?
    Tip: B&W deliberately focuses on composition and visually accelerates shapes, forms and patterns.
  • Highlighting beauty, not beautification?
    Tip: B&W helps to strongly emphasize emotions, not gloss. It deeply enhances emotional substance.
  • Explore an artistic look?
    Tip: B&W sparks the feel of class, timelessness and artful appeal. And yes, it’s an artistic choice!

Dan is exploring extensively the 4 most influential key topics for today’s modern digital demands:

  • WHY still to bet on B&W imagery
  • WHEN to utilize this style
  • HOW TO approach this style in particular
  • The CREATION itself

Dan’s hands-on method is a down to earth, practical, understandable look at B&W, without confusing technical jargon or excessive philosophy, it’s easily accessible.


Shoot Color. Showcase B&W.

This tutorial is suitable for everyone who is working with digital cameras (DSLR, mirrorless, point-and-shoot, bridge/super zoom, medium-format etc.).

You will learn the full creation process from idea findings, mood/story/look development, to camera settings & nifty hacks. You initially shoot in color – based on purposefully arranged lighting (= light/shadow character/quality) – and then follow Dan’s different, most comprehensive step-by-step conversion processes and strategies for classy and strong B&W imagery with tutorials for Photoshop, Lightroom, Plugins and other recommendations.

Easy to Follow and Beautifully Presented

This workbook is generously and attractively designed in landscape format, great for any screen!

Femininity - Hanna in Berlin - Extensive B&W Nude Photography Case Studies

Extensive Showcase: “Femininity: Hanna in Berlin”

The practical part of the workbook is dedicated to four creative case studies, shot in Berlin with the wonderfully talented Canadian Art Nude Model Hanna – an austere beauty with raw emotions!

Learn from the various conceptual outlines, (‘Sensual’, ‘Romantic’, ‘Femme Fatale’, ‘Vanity’), the grayscale look planning, the shoot creation, the full post-processing and different, fine-tuned B&W conversion methods.

Every set lets you follow each step of the way from start to finish, helping you to replicate the various styles in the easiest possible way!

Essentials, Trainings & Dan’s Recipes - Mastering B&W Nudes Today

Essentials, Trainings & Dan’s Recipes

  • Workbook Parts: Hands-on Theory & Case Studies
  • B&W Style: Reduced to the Essentials. Color vs. B&W, What Changes if we Shoot B&W, Why Still Shoot B&W, Aesthetics, and more
  • Starting out with B&W: Train Your Eyes, Tools, and more
  • Composition: B&W helps! Basics, Rules, Hints. Visual Pathways, Lines, Shapes & Forms, Rule of Thirds vs. Golden Ratio, Focal Points, Optical Triangle, Light & Shadow, Framing/Cropping, and more
  • Shades of Gray: Zone System, Dynamic Range, Tonal Range
  • Lighting: Quality, Direction, Characteristics Choice, Shadow Quality & Manipulation, and more
  • Shooting: Location Selection, Creative Lens Usage, The Right Model, Accessories, and more
  • Styles & Looks: Classic Art/Figurative Nudes, Bodyscapes, Erotic Portraits, Beauty Nudes, Glam, Fetish
  • Camera Settings & Hacks
  • Pictorials: The Nude Sequence, Lustful & Erotic Details
  • Conversion: 10 Effective Methods & Strategies for Photoshop, Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw, Plugins, Presets
  • Creative Hacks: Split- & Duo-Toning, Analogue Film Emulation, Tonal Range/Grayscale Process, Influencing Contrast, Clarity, Structure, and more
  • Dan’s Complete Digital Post-Production Workflow, incl. Retouching – Step-by-Step
  • 4 All-Inclusive Case Studies feat. Art Nude Model Hanna – Production Planning, Photo Concepts, Look Characteristics, Technical Parameters, Light Characteristics & Set Analyzes, Set Plan, Extensive Pictorial, Contact Sheets, Complete Conversion Strategies, and more.

What You Will Get - Mastering B&W Nudes Today

What You Will Get

  • Practical workbook for the complete digital workflow
  • Techniques are suitable for all digital cameras!
  • Fundamental knowledge, case studies and modern approach on B&W Nudes
  • Extensive hands-on theory part to strengthen your practical work
  • Full equipment lists for beginners & pros
  • High quality nude imagery/pictorials in theory part and case studies
  • 4 all-inclusive case studies: Concept, look, shoot, post & conversion
  • All technical parameters used during the shoots
  • Detailed explanation on light directions, impact on shadow cast & quality, light interplay and location/set composition
  • 260 pages in total
  • Over 330 tasteful art nude images throughout the workbooks
  • Over 180 behind the scenes & illustrative images
  • 10 light pattern analyses by Dan
  • BONUS 1: 6 Videos (4x Shooting documentary & 2x Interviews) – 1080p, Full HD, ca. 70 min
  • BONUS 2: 4 Photo Essays with Hanna. Photo concept & another 40 pages full of inspiration! (PDFs)
  • New layout in landscape format: Beautiful & modern presentation
  • Instant PDF download for immediate use on your PC, Mac, iOS & Droids

Awesome PREMIUM BONUS Material - Mastering B&W Nudes Today

BONUS: Videos & Photo Essays

Opt for the Premium Bundle and receive added value in form of:

  • 6 Videos. 70 minutes. 1080p, MP4. Multi-Cam/-Angles.
    Video documentary of the shooting process with Hanna in Berlin.

    In 4 sets you observe the action, communication, and obtain even more facts and insights from the interviews with model Hanna and Dan himself.

  • 4 Photo Essays. 40 pages/110 photos. PDFs.
    An inspirational photo essay collection, containing another four sets with Hanna, shot in Prague.

    These exquisite pictorials are meant to accelerate your imagination further!

Canadian Art Nude Model Hanna & Dan Hostettler, Sexy Women Photography

About the Author: Dan Hostettler

Back in the days, Dan studied at the School of Art & Design (Switzerland) to master his way of visual expression. Monochrome imagery was the starting point for his exploration of forms, lines, lighting, conceptual composition, and more.

B&W photography literally helped Dan to see things differently and led to develop his classy and classic eye.

Being a successful Sexy Women Photographer for more than 15 years – mainly in the field of glamNudes -, Dan got internationally published and featured on/in GQ Online, The India Times, FashionONE TV, FotoTV Germany, amongst many others.

Today, Dan’s deeply buried passion for bold B&W photography is back and he’s hiding absolutely nothing behind the glitz and glam façade anymore!

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eBook (2 Parts, PDFs) + 6 Videos + 4 Inspirational Photo Essays | 300 pages in total + 70 Min. Video
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