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Your Comprehensive Portfolio-Building Blueprint.

featuring Melisa Mendini – by Dan Hostettler


138 min Total Runtime: Follow an all-embracing step-by-step instruction-path from start to finish!
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SMOOTH - Your Model Photography - Build an Instant Variety - eBook version

Your Model Photography: Build an Instant Image Variety

For the first time ever, Dan presents a completely revealing overview of 7 characterized looks.
Each of these looks gets meticulously stripped down inside of the following three main categories:
“Classic”, “Soft” and “Bold”.

Every model (amateur to pro), the girl next door, or any lady on your journey is looking for this one specific thing when you approach them with your shoot request: Your versatility that’s reflected by your portfolio.

Based on a variation of setups, this compendium helps you to find the best strategy to purposefully build your imagery.

SMOOTH - Explore. Evolve. Enhance - Embrace the 3-E-Principle

Embrace the 3-E-Principle!

Explore. Evolve. Enhance.

This extensive guide takes you by the hand and leads you all the way from starting out in Sexy Women Photography to finished compelling and thoroughly diverse alluring images.

Dan will help you to create your first complete portfolio with a vast variety of styles or – in case you already have that – an enhanced and revamped showcase of your signature style!

Dan has built and maintained his own portfolio based on this simple but very successful formula:

Step 1: Develop. Intensify. Improve. (Starting out)
Step 2: Revamp. Deepen. Excel. (Intermediate)
Step 3: Rinse & Repeat Step 2

Philosophy of SMOOTH - Each step of the way from start to finish

Philosophy of SMOOTH

SMOOTH lets you follow each step of the way from start to finish in the smartest and easiest possible way of learning!

Dan is mentoring you by showing you every approach, idea and step needed to achieve at least the same appealing results he is sharing with you here. As SMOOTH as possible! No hiding of any aspect or trying to cover up the more complicated tasks, no!

All necessary components are presented in a full-blown and easy-to-rely-on stream of SMOOTHNESS.

Your Portfolio: Starting Out? Looking for Improvement?

Dan is demonstrating that you don’t need to invest thousands of Dollars/Euros in tech in order to create a wide variety of looks and images. With a low-tech approach but at the same time being highly specific in details, you will get your compelling imagery done.

For the event of your first model shoot, Dan shows you an easy to set up and smooth to handle lighting design that allows you to fully concentrate on the work with her.

Afterwards, the guide fully concentrates on building, enhancing and compiling your portfolio with a diversity of looks – shot in studio and other indoor locations.

Accompanied by the wonderful and alluring Melisa Mendini.

SMOOTH - Topics, Insights, Dan’s Approach

Topics, Insights, Dan’s Approach

  • Starter? Learn How to Create a Variety of Styles for Your Top-Notch Awesome Portfolio from Scratch in No Time!
  • Intermediate? Explore New Looks, Tricks and Dan’s Approach on Implementation.
  • Model Melisa Mendini in Studio & on Location
  • 7 Practical Case Studies – Classic, Soft, Bold
  • Basics: Little Kit of Light – Putting Together an Inexpensive Most Versatile Gear Set
  • Basics: Creating with Shadows – Shadow Quality, Moods & Sculpting with Modifiers
  • Basic Look: Your First Nude Shoot: Simple 1-Light (!) Setting – Stress Relief and Elbow Room
  • Look: “Classic Nudes – Figurative Representation”
  • Look: “Bodyscapes – Classic Nude Style. Drama Lighting.”
  • Look: “Sensual Nudes – Boudoir Style Involved”
  • Look: “GlamNudes – Teasing the Viewer”
  • Look: “Fashion Nudes – Set Up Aspiration”
  • Look: “Drama Noir Nudes – Taking Light Away”
  • Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guided Tour from Start to Finish
  • All Looks Completely Revealed in Terms of Beautifying & Styling, Lighting, Posing/Acting, Composition & Post
  • 1-Light & 2-Light Setups
  • Light Setting: Tests, Pitfalls, Dan’s Mistakes, Progress, Results
  • (Simple!) Lighting Gear Kit, Modifiers & Accessories
  • Lighting Designs
  • Camera Gear & Specs
  • Posing & Acting Advices per Look: Ideas Explained and Detailed Implementation Steps
  • Composition per Look: Framing, Focal Length, Angles, DoF, Post-Enhancement Influences
  • And more…

SMOOTH - What You will Get - Sexy Women Photography with Melisa Mendini

What You will Get

Video Tutorial Specs

  • SMOOTH. Create, Enhance & Improve Your Portfolio the Easy Way
  • Classic-, Art-, Glam-, Soft-Nudes
  • 9 Films
  • German Original Language. English narrated by Dan Hostettler (Note (!): NO bilingual facility; it’s an English voice over)
  • 138 min Total Runtime
  • HD: 720p for all Android tablets & phones, all iProducts, PC & Mac
  • Immediate Download (together with eBook)

eBook Specs

  • Companion for Quick Info Access
  • Containing all Topics Dealt With in the Video
  • Containing all Tech Specs & In-Depth Lighting Designs
  • 2D Set Plans & 3D Simulations
  • Contact Sheets
  • Enhanced Imagery (Results)
  • Cheat Sheet per Look
  • Additional “Behind the Scenes” Material
  • 150 Pages

Photo Model Melisa Mendini & Dan Hostettler Photographer

About the Author: Dan Hostettler

Dan has been a professional Sexy Women Photographer for more than 15 years.

He is Swiss born and currently living and working in Prague (Czech Republic). Dan founded his flagship business, StudioPrague, which includes a dedicated production company that has received international recognition and offers private, high-end workshops. Dan has had the pleasure of photographing some of the world’s most beautiful female nude models and he always strives to capture that “bold sexy moment”, both in the studio and on location.

Aside from his own creations, Dan is an internationally published photographer and his work has been featured – among others – in GQ Online, The India Times, FashionONE TV, GoodLight Magazine, MUZE Magazine, FOTOdigital, and FotoTV Germany.

Follow Dan’s tips, replicate his concepts and exercise, enhance and evolve the ideas on your own!

Join an all-embracing step-by-step instruction-path from start to finish to work out the various differences and to create unique series for your remarkable, useful and intensified showcase.


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(incl. eBook worth $27)


Video (MP4) + eBook (PDF) | Immediate Download

Easy and Secure Payment via PayPal & Credit Card. | *Country-specific VAT taxes may apply.
The material will be delivered to your email address in digital form.
If you don’t like this guide for any reason, I offer an unconditional 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

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