Inspirational Visual Model Posing Guide

feat. NudeArt-Model Vicka Starr – by Dan Hostettler

fashionNUDES & Glamour Poses with Vicka Starr - Model Posing Guide by Dan Hostettler

Fashion-like Model Poses Will Boost Your Creative Concepts

This in-depth guide will show you what fashion posing has to offer for glamour modeling!

Dan has produced this eBook with the help of the amazingly talented, sensuous and beautiful model, Vicka Starr. Vicka is a very experienced professional art-nude model who demonstrates a vast variety of poses in this guide.

With most glamour modeling, posing is often limited and less creatively applied than in fashion modeling. Mixing the two genres along with freestyle fashion-like expressions, allows your models to freely switch from one fanciful, emotive and unique pose to another without restrictions.

Model Posing Techniques  - Model Posing - fashionNUDES - Poses Cookbook by Dan Hostettler

Model Posing Basics: Apply Knowledge Visually

Nude and glamour posing is all about the outer and inner beauty of your subject. When your model is posing, she is letting you capture this beauty with your camera.

But posing isn’t all that easy. There’s much more to it than simply standing or lying down for the photos. When you capture great poses, viewers love it! And that’s precisely the goal this guide is designed to help you achieve.

Exciting lines, forms, and expressions… They all play together creating either a desired mood or simply producing a pleasant image. You will intuitively learn how to begin posing your model correctly, how to position her arms and legs and how to create moods and emotions to achieve superior and memorable model photos overall!

Model Posing Guide for Photographers  - Model Posing - fashionNUDES - Poses Cookbook by Dan Hostettler

Fashion Esprit Will Turn Your Glamour Posing Routine Upside Down

Calling on his experience shooting female beauty photography, Dan will demonstrate the effectiveness of combining fashion posing with glamour modeling.

You will get full sets of visual references helping you near-effortlessly implement these new and exciting ideas and poses into your future shoots.

“Fashion-like Nudes & Glamour Poses” shares with you important insights with new ways to creatively explore your nude and glamour photography.

Table of Content - fashionNUDES & Glamour Poses - Volume 1 - with Vicka Starr

Essentials, Insights & Need-to-Knows

  • Glamour vs. Fashion: The Difference
  • Getting It Started: The Basics of Model Posing
  • Hands, Arms, Legs: Always Difficult
  • Model Silhouettes Forms: C, S, and I Poses
  • Posing Basics: Head and Shoulders
  • Posing Basics: Start with the Feet
  • Posing Basics: Head Tilt
  • Posing Basics: Body at an Angle to the Camera
  • Posing Basics: Arms and the Triangle Base
  • Posing Basics: Importance of the Hands
  • 7 Stunning, Bold, Sexy and Expressive Unique Fashion Nude Sets
  • Dan’s Final Thoughts

Glamour Poses  - Model Posing - fashionNUDES - Poses Cookbook by Dan Hostettler

What You will Get

  • Visual reference covering “Glamour Posing meets Fashion Esprit”
  • Inspirational, informative and intuitive Posing Guide
  • High quality fashion and nude imagery in 7 different sets
  • “Fashion Esprit” – Images with Russian NudeArt-Model Vicka Starr
  • “Real World” scenarios for any of your shoots! No fancy props, settings and techniques necessary
  • Concept, imagery and educational approach by Dan Hostettler
  • Over 190 dedicated fashion-to-nude poses (over 105 Pages)
  • Learn posing essentials in detail (20 pages)
  • 130 pages in total (Full Color 8×11″) with over 230 stunning photos
  • Behind the scenes images
  • Instant PDF Download for immediate use on your PC, Mac, iProducts & Droids

About the Author: Dan Hostettler

Dan has been a professional Sexy Women Photographer for more than 15 years.

Dan has been a professional beauty and nude photographer for more than 15 years.

He is Swiss born and currently living and working in Prague (Czech Republic). Dan founded his flagship business, StudioPrague, which includes a dedicated production company that has received international recognition and offers private, high-end workshops. Dan has photographed some of the world’s most beautiful nude model women and always strives to capture that “bold sexy moment”, both in the studio and on location.

In this eBook, Dan shares his extensive knowledge and insights in an easy-to-follow, visual and intuitive way. It will help inspire you to create new and exciting seductive posing ideas.

Fast-track your journey for capturing cross-genre poses! Let Dan teach you new and exciting, sensual and sexy stories in your future shoots NOW!

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