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Spice Up Your Studio Shoot: Alternatives to Shooting on Seamless

Joe Rooney, a semi-pro who has been shooting art nudes for years now, does not always have the opportunity or the budget to shoot on location. But based on his experience in spicing up his studio shoots, he came up with a list of ideas for you – ideas that he actually put into practice! Get inspiration and actionable advice with tons of good ideas right here.

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“White Bondage Love”: Shoot Observation & On-Set Interview

13 Min Runtime. FullHD
Robert Coppa is an award winning, internationally working photographer, based out of Canberra, AUS. He is shooting Fashion, Bridal, Advertising, Portraiture, Fitness and Beauty & Glamour. During Dan’s photography travel studies Down Under, Dan had the chance and honor to accompany one of Robert’s exciting shoots in his very own studio. Dan also had some time to chat with Robert about his very own production work.

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Fashion Nude Photography & Styling: Advanced Body Styling (Part 2)

In Part 2 of this topic we are demonstrating how designs painted on the human form can morph into different shapes, depending on a model’s body and different poses performed. Heather Filipski (MUHA & stylist), Brittnie Stull (art nude model) and I were the team of choice for this experimental and sexy exploration. Follow us through the progress of 3 different sets, get styling details, tips and shooting specs.

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Pep Talk With Melisa Mendini – Czech Glam Goddess

1 Film. 37 Min Runtime. HD
Melisa Mendini is a Czech glam goddess. Melisa worked for American Penthouse, Czech Maxim, Tuning Magazine, Mexican Extremo, German Coupe, and Hustler – to name just a few. Her long term shooting experience is what makes her a top pro. Get to experience a relaxed, sincere and openhearted Melisa Mendini in our Model Talk.

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Alabaster Skin Using 900 Nanometers

Allen recently did a session at the beach with his model friend Brittnie and student Erik. It was a “rehearsal” shoot for an upcoming series of fashion nude photography featuring lingerie. For Erik, shooting with an IR-modified Canon 10D, the session was about photographing a model on location; and for Allen it was about exploring how light that we cannot see renders colors and textures.

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Fashion Nude Photography & Styling: Working with Animals (Part 1)

The concept of portraying women and snakes together is as old as recorded human history. For this more contemporary shoot, Allen was able to engage the sensuous art nude model Tiffany Helms and her co-model, Galadriel, the albino Burmese python, controlled by professional handler Erik. You get to explore: Shooting Concept, Safety Considerations, Shooting Report, 4 Looks with a Snake.

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Fashion Nude Photography & Styling: Advanced Body Styling (Part 1)

In this installement I will explore together with you Body Painting as a form of creative expression. A key success factor for a venture such as this is…patience. But you will see that it’s totally worth the wait! Model Oli went through a series of dance moves and presented a veritable kaleidoscope by twisting and posing her body in a variety of positions.

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DIY: Making A Flower Wall As Photo Backdrop

The time I started to embrace sexy portraiture more intensively, I also began to explore ideas for different backdrops. One particular concept was to build a beautiful flower wall that can be used in various ways: fresh & frisky or a subtle romantic. Both styles rely on the exact same backdrop but they get polished differently by tweaking lighting design and image looks in post.

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Latex Photography – How To Light & Shoot

Latex outfits are compelling for a couple of reasons: The skin tight nature of latex shows off a woman’s curves quite nicely and alluringly. These outfits are often designed to expose a woman’s breasts or buttocks while otherwise fully clothed. But there are also quite a few challenges involved when shooting this highly reflective material…

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The “Snapshot Aesthetic” in Glamour Photography

I try to keep my photography fresh by exploring new lighting techniques. A while ago, I’ve come across a style of shooting known as the “Snapshot Aesthetic” style which is more than just a lighting technique in glamour photography. I started using this technique on my own. Here are my insights.

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The Power Of Image Looks: Changing Mood & Proposition

Working in a stunning location with a terrific model is a fantastic starting position to get good images. But conceptually evolving them towards different moods and messages by applying various image looks in post is a powerful strategy! In my showcase I want to elaborate about some distinctly different basics.

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Pep Talk With Stana – Highly Accomplished Classical Art Nude Model

1 Film. 38 Min Runtime. HD
Let me introduce to you: Stana, the smart-art Goddess! Driven by curiosity, I took up the challenge of delving deeper into the rather hidden working spheres of the art nude genre. I got the opportunity to sit down and winkle out insights with one of the most successful, worldwide published, countless times displayed and highly sought after art nude models that I know.

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Artistry: Sphere Shoot

This tutorial is mainly about Mathieu’s way of thinking and the process he goes through before a shoot. At a seaside town near Mathieu’s living place, he came across a giant sphere and was immediately captivated by it. Creating a shoot concept out of this inspiration was the first step…
Follow the full process, experience a model with a kind of Rubenesque figure and grasp insights on artistry.

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Starting My Fitness Regime 2015 (Ongoing)

Back in June this year my scale showed me a shocking weight of 91.5 kg/202 lbs. Pure fat, so to say. I realized that my last chance to a better lifestyle required a radical change of course, so starting out with serious exercising was the only possible option I saw fit. Find all about “Why, How, When, Struggles, Benefits & What I’ve Learned” in my post.

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A Lucky Twist: Bad Glass, Excellent Model

Every now and then I set up a special, personal shoot, just to work on my portfolio in a very purposeful way. For this shoot I worked with Hanna a wonderful, inspirational Canadian art nude model, living in Portugal, traveling Europe.
Distortion. Beauty. Grain. Movement. Love.

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Asked: Artful Nudes by Thomas Holm

Thomas is a former advertising and commercial photographer, having made a living photographing pretty much everything for about 20 years. Today, Thomas is shooting artful nude images as a hobby. His imagery comes alive by means of sensual composition and a strong visual language mainly created by ambient day light alone.
I am feeling very delighted to present Thomas’ story, takes, showcase and even a few behind the scenes-videos here on SWP!

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Chloe Nude Shoot: Creating Magic in the Temple of Art

By pure chance, Dan stumbled across a terrific opportunity last fall: Chloe was visiting Europe for a shooting job and some additional vacation days.
On very short notice, the decision was made that she would come to visit him in Prague.

Dan then persuaded her to a nude shoot because he just discovered a stunning location a couple of weeks before: an old church, transformed into an art gallery…

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Asked: Martin Wieland, Serial Shooter for Men’s Magazines

Martin started out with nude photography during his time at the academy. After a break he developed a successful business and is now working – amongst other – for Playboy, Penthouse, publishing houses and calendars. With 40 to 50 shootings a year there is no proof needed that Martin is a thought after pro.

Explore another European approach to commercial nude photography.

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Michael Zelbel: The Busy Bee Enthusiast Photographer is Educating Us

Cousin Michael Zelbel is a German photography-enthusiast’s wonder. In real life a consultant, he’s also a photographer, author, editor and head of ideas for Smoking Strobes and the proud and successful publisher of Good Light! Magazine for over a year now.
After interviewing Cousin Michael on some very interesting aspects, I would like to introduce him and his projects to you so you can get to know him better.

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Celebrating Nude Women – Stephan Brauchli, A Heartfelt Enthusiast

Stephan loves Africa and frequently travels there to take shots of conservation and wildlife. He also likes to explore Ticino (a region in Switzerland) with the goal of creating gorgeous natural art nude images. And every now and then, he even rents a crazy deco-chic suite to mix-up fashion style photography with stunning nude bodies. In short: Stephan really is a heartfelt enthusiast.

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Asked: Joe (aka Jlrimages), Art Nude Photography with a Glam Factor

Joe loves to craft his art nude and glam imagery in his spare time as a passionate photography enthusiast. Joe displays his amazing work on his steadily flowing Tumblr photo stream, got published in print and won several competitions. But Joe can’t reveal his full real name and identity because of the potential problems it might cause him with his employer. This is a problem a lot of enthusiasts face…

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Asked: Simon Bolz, Commercial Nude Photographer

Today, I am excited to present the work of Simon Bolz, a German commercial nude photographer, who runs an extremely successful business. I like his clearly recognizable style very much and with it he also has lots of commercial success.
Simon’s work was published in Playboy, Penthouse, GQ Men’s Health and other huge European publications.

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Asked: JimmyD, Glam & Nude Shooter

James DiGiorgio aka JimmyD is a long-serving adult industry veteran with an extensive knowledge of shooting, the industry itself and life. JimmyD is shooting, producing and editing glamour and nude photos and videos since decades. He is simply THE Pretty Girl Shooter and the editor of his personal blog with the same title.

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